As the ad goes “there’s an app for that”, never has that been more true when it comes to saving money. For better or for worse smartphones have become ubiquitous in our lives, but with these handy money saving apps, being thrifty with your cash has never been easier.


Good for: Supermarket shopping
Cost: FREE | Available on iOS / Android

Whether shopping online or in store the mySupermarket app is a great money saver, helping you find the cheapest price on every item in your shopping list.

You can create a shopping list on your phone and have the app automatically scan the top supermarkets for the cheapest deal, but if you’re already out, the app has another trick up sleeve. Scanning the barcode of a product immediately brings up a price comparison.

Love Food Hate Waste

Good for: Cooking up a tasty meal cheaply
Cost: FREE | Available on iOS / Android

Whilst we’re on the subject of shopping, Love Food Hate Waste has to be one of our favourite apps. The average household throws away over £400 worth of food each year. This tasty little app, helps cut down that waste by providing recipes based on the leftover food in your kitchen. It can also track your shopping so help prevent over-buying, and has a built in meal and portion planner.


Good for: Getting the cheapest price on everything
Cost: FREE | Available on iOS / Android

Like mySupermarket, Pricerunner is another comparison app this time for everything from consumer electronics to homeware. Pricerunner compares the prices of over 3 million products UK wide, and shows you the the nearest local stockist too.

Additionally, it also has a barcode scanner, so you can compare prices even it you’re already in store.


Good for: Cashback on everything
Cost: FREE | Available on iOS / Android

Topcashback tends to be our go to cashback website when buying online, but the Quidco app is arguably a better proposition for mobile. Not only can you earn cashback on spending, but you can also get paid (albeit small amounts) for simply walking into shops whilst the app is running.


Good for: Voucher codes and discounts
Cost: FREE | Available on iOS / Android

Bag discounts whenever you’re on the go. Vouchercloud provides users with voucher codes for various retailers and restaurants, allowing you money off or meal deals. Simply search for the best deals near you, then show the code on your phone to the shop/restaurant’s staff. Maximum money saving, minimum effort.

Tickety Split

Good for: Finding the cheapest train tickets
Cost: FREE | Available on iOS only

The franchise based UK train network is a mess, and complicated ticket pricing means some of the best deals can go completely unnoticed, while in other cases it’s actually cheaper to buy multiple tickets for different parts of the same trip.

TicketySplit addresses this by automatically checking to see if you could save money by splitting your ticket, not your journey. This app is a must-have for anyone using the rail network, whether a frequent traveller or just making at one-off journey. Unfortunately its iPhone only, but Android users can still save by using the web app.


Good for: Cheap calls to premium numbers
Cost: FREE | Available on iOS / Android

This app slashes the cost of calling 0870, 0800 and 0845 turning these pricy digits into local calls, saving you an average of 30p per minute. Normally for this we’d visit the website Say No to 0870, but the app is much easier to use on a small mobile screen.

Unfortunately android users again get a raw deal here as the app is iOS only, but there is a Say No to 0870 app available on Android that uses the database from the website of the same name. the interface is clunky, and contains adds, but it will save you money.


Good for: Getting away from it all
Cost: FREE | Available on iOS / Android

There are a number of good flight comparison websites and apps around now, but we like Skyscanner for its easy of use, and ability to view flight prices by month, which really helps to find the cheapest ticket. The “I’ll go anywhere” feature also makes a nice change from the typical rigid destination based searches, and allows you to discover cheap flights to places you never thought to travel to before.


Good for: Money transfers abroad
Cost: FREE | Available on iOS / Android

Need to send money abroad? Then Azimo is the app for you. Azimo allows you to send money to over 190 countries across the world, and your first transfer is free. It is particularly useful in countries where the official exchange rate is artificially fixed by the government and a thriving ‘blue’ market runs alongside. Think Argentina before December 2016, by using Azimo here we increased our spending power by over 20%.

Fat Lama

Good for: Earning money by renting your items
Cost: FREE | Available on Fat Lama website

Ok so it’s not an app, but we feel it’s too good not to share, and the website is mobile friendly anyway.

Fat Lama is a website that lets you rent out your unused equipment. Got a GoPro you haven’t used since your last holiday? A drum kit you don’t play any more, power tools you rarely use? You can rent out, or hire all of these with Fat Lama. It simply a case of creating an account, taking images of your items and setting your price. Insurance is all taken of

It’s very London centric at the moment, but increasingly listings are appearing elsewhere in country. If you’re looking at hiring something, then Fat Lama are currently offering £20 off your first deal.

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