Site funding

How this site makes money

I started Money Saving Answers as a community question and answer site, and eventually developed it into what it is today. The money made by the site helps me to keep researching, and producing articles for you to enjoy. In keeping with the site’s original community spirit, commercial activities are limited.

The site earns money in two way:


Throughout this site you may find limited contextual ads as provided via Google’s Doubleclick network, and Ezoic. Each time you click on an ad the site earns a very small commission, even if you never actually buy anything. Like you I hate it when ads get in way of great content, so where possible I restrict the amount and the type of ads you see, to such an extent that in many articles you won’t see any ads at all.

Affiliate links

Where products and services have been mentioned, I look to see if any affiliate links are available for those products. Where affiliate links are available I’ll include them in the article and by clicking on those links and taking out products or services, I may receive a commission. This is the same method of earn as employed by popular sites such as Money Saving Expert, MoneySupermarket, and LoveMoney, not to mention all the voucher, deals, and comparison sites online.

Only affiliate links that give you an identical (or better) deal than going direct are used, and I never allow the availability of an affiliate link to affect decisions when reviewing any products or services to you. In fact, many of our articles are written long before affiliate links are even considered. If something is worth saying it will be published because I believe it is worth knowing, not because I have been paid to write it.