Site funding is completely free to use. We don't charge a subscription, nor do we charge users to post or answer questions on our Q&A board. So how do we keep our service free for you to use? We do this in two ways.



We display limited contextual ads as provided via Google's Doubleclick network. Each time you click on an ad we earn a very small commission, even if you never actually buy anything. We want to provide the highest quality of service to you as a user, so where possible we restrict the amount and the type of ads you see.


Affiliate links

Where products and services have been mentioned, we look to see if any affiliate links are available for those products. Where affiliate links are available we'll include them in the article. We only use affiliate links that give you an identical (or better) deal than going direct, and we never allow the availability of an affiliate link to affect our decisions when recommending any products or services to you. In fact, many of our articles are written long be we even consider affiliates.


Where does the money go?

The income generated by advertising goes back into the site to improve the experience for you. It is used to pay for hosting and servers, and development of the website, as well purchasing images and paying wages.