Back in December 2014 Ofcom ruled that all calls to 0800 and 0808 number must be free to call from mobile phones from 26 June 2015. 0800 numbers has always been free to call in the UK from landline, but some mobile providers charged.

Today mobile provider Three has introduced new tariffs making all calls to 0800, 0808 and 500 free, as well as slashing the costs of calling other 08 numbers.

Unfortunately only those taking out one of Three’s new tariffs will benefit, but there is a way around this. Three allows existing pay monthly customers to switch their tariff to one of new plans completely free of charge.

If you’re not with Three or don’t want to change tariffs, you can still beat the 08 number fees using the tips below.

You can find more about Three’s new offer on their website.

Free 0800 numbers

0800 Buster and 0800 Wizard allow you to call 0800 number for free from your mobile regardless of your plan. They work by providing you with a local rate number to call (which should be free on most tariffs), then invite you to dial enter the 0800 number you want to be put through to. They basically act as call forwarders, but all your mobile provider sees is the call to the free local number.

Say no to 0870 numbers

O870 numbers can cost as much as 50p a minute on some contracts, but there is simple way to beat these charges. The website contains a database of alternative geographic phone numbers which you can dial as part of your inclusive allowance. The database is searchable via company name or by directly entering the 0870 number that you’re looking for an alternative too.

When calling customer support lines where it’s not uncommon to be on hold for over 10 minutes at a time, finding a geographical number to dial instead can dramatically reduce your bill.

Added to that, those abroad are unable to call special numbers such as 0870 etc.. and so using a geographical number is the only way to get through.

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